Refund Policy

All GTP products purchased on can be returned within 28 days after purchase before a refund process can begin.

Note that any unwanted items you wish to return to us will be at sender’s courier cost. There will be deductions from your refund amount should you choose to send your items without pre-paying for the return.

For all returns, we aim to give you a refund within 28 days of receiving the returned item and we will use the same means of payment that was used for the original purchase.


Conditions for returning goods;

1.     Item is unused and is returned with selvedge, product tag and product sticker intact.

2.     Item has not acquired any unappealing scent.

3.     Item is in its original condition and has not been altered in any way from how it was delivered.

4.     The purchase receipt is included in the return.


If any item returned to us is damaged, used or in an unsuitable condition, we will not be able to issue a refund and the item will be sent back, also at your cost.  

Please note that all items will be inspected thoroughly on return.



Any item you return is the sender’s responsibility until we receive it. Do ensure that it is packaged safely and securely so as to avoid damage in transit. GTP will not be responsible or liable for any item lost or damaged on its way to us.

It is advisable for you to get proof of postage and delivery in case you need to contact us regarding your return order.

We are not responsible for any item returned to us by mistake. if you want it returned to you, we can only do so at your cost.

We do not offer exchanges. 
If you wish to switch an order, you are welcome to return your previous order and purchase a new one.


Returns policy – items not in good condition

We sincerely apologize if you have received a faulty item.  Please email to alert us of this and our representative will reach out to you and advise on the steps to return the item and issue a refund.  

Kindly note that we will be inspecting any return thoroughly; Any product returned due to wear and tear, rather than an actual factory fault will not be processed and a refund will not be issued.


Return policy – Gifts

Returning items which were bought and marked as a gift shall be honored as long as the item meets the requirements regarding its condition stipulated above.  Please note that we will not be able to issue a refund for any gift items purchased, but a gift voucher will rather be given to the value of the same item.

If you have any other questions regarding returns that have not been addressed above, do contact our customer service team at